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We have develop more than just a strategy: we provides insights based on multiple “what if scenarios” that seek to balance trade-offs between goals and constraints, such as charge-off losses and resources.This helps strike the right balance between loss reduction, resource challenges, and operational constraints to address increasing concerns over maximising profitability and managing customer satisfaction.


Our system will host your data from ERP, Billing, CRM, and other systems to centralise all relevant customer data (invoices, dispute information, POD, claims, tracking info, etc.) in a single place and enrich your customer view. This allows you to stay on top of all accounts and all actions required for each account, such as reminders and follow-up actions based on pre-defined strategies and prioritised collector worklists.


We work extremely closely with all of our clients and get to understand their businesses intimately. This enables us to create long term, sustainable revenue protection strategies to reduce the number of debtors. We look at the people, processes and technology and provide a robust and realistic roadmap for delivery.


Different clients have different needs and preferences, and they may be at different parts of the debt aging process. That’s why our systems use machine learning to calculate a forecasted likelihood of getting into debt for each one. This score is based on data such as previous payments history, number of services, debt stage, and other factors. With this score, you can easily sort out good debtors from bad debtors and define a unique collections process for each customer segment.